My Little Destiny: Characters

Twilight SparkleTwilight Sparkle
Personal student to Her Majesty Princess Celestia, and bearer of the Element of Magic. An intellectual at heart, Twilight’s priorities are a bit skewed at times.
Rainbow DashRainbow Dash
Chief of Weather Management for the town of Ponyville, and bearer of the Element of Loyalty. Well known for her athleticism and brash attitude, Rainbow’s outlook on life recently changed after she found herself in conflict with one of her closest friends. Her number one dream is to join the Wonderbolts, Equestria’s premier flying team.
Moonlight SonataMoonlight Sonata
Younger brother of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor, Moonlight was the black sheep of the family. Ambitious, but unsuccessful; the work of his company, Lunar Productions, spans the gamut from epic sci-fi, such as Deamon Lux and the Solar Invaders, to romantic period pieces such as Lost in the Rain; with little major success at the box office. His last film, a claustrophobic horror called Skamper, was one of the biggest industry bombs of the past year.
Princess CelestiaPrincess Celestia
Co-ruler of Equestria, in charge of diplomacy and domestic justice.
Princess LunaPrincess Luna
Co-ruler of Equestria, in charge of military and espionage operations.
Red RainRed Rain
Cinematographer, Stunt Coordinator and “Gaffer” for Lunar Productions, and Moonlight’s best friend. Very tenacious,
Chief Gaffer for Lunar Productions.
Fluttershy – Rarity – Pinkie Pie – Applejack
Apple Bloom – Scootaloo – Sweetie Belle – Spike
Dairy Milk – Pip – Ink Jet – Rumble
Cadance – Shining Armor – Nightshade
Spitfire – Caramel – Heartstrings – Fizzypop
Mercury Bubbles – Paradigm – Paradox – Diamond Tiara – Silver Spoon
Destiny Crew
Colonel Everett YoungColonel Everett Young
Leader of the Destiny crew, and military commander.
Lieutenant Matthew ScottLieutenant Matthew Scott
Second in command and designated pilot of the Destiny.
Master Sergeant Ronald GreerMaster Sergeant Ronald Greer
Ranking enlisted military crew member of the Destiny. Highly disciplined, he’s often the one that keeps the rest of the crew in line.
Lieutenant Tamara JohansenLieutenant Tamara Johansen
Chief Medical Officer of the Destiny.
Lieutenant Vanessa JamesLieutenant Vanessa James
Fourth-in-command on the Destiny.
Eli WallaceEli Wallace
Responsible for unlocking the ninth chevron, and saving the crew on multiple occasions. The ship’s mathematical genius. Currently trapped as a program within Destiny’s databanks.
Doctor Nicholas RushDoctor Nicholas Rush
Destiny’s lead scientist, and cocky prat. Few trust him, yet everyone respects him.
Camile WrayCamile Wray
IOA representative, and head of human resources.
Corporal Teresa BarnesCorporal Teresa Barnes
Adam BrodyAdam Brody
Engineer aboard the Destiny and currently in charge of the ship’s fab, a manufacturing facility producing spare parts.
Doctor Helladius MorrisonDoctor Helladius Morrison
Destiny’s resident geologist, annoying and slightly panicky, tends to avoid risk like the plague.
Doctor Dale VolkerDoctor Dale Volker
Astrophysicist on the Destiny, very reserved, tries to take everything in stride.
Former Lieutenant in the Lucian Alliance, currently one of Colonel Young’s most loyal soldiers.
Chloe ArmstrongChloe Armstrong
Former assistant to Senator Alan Armstrong, her father. Was once abducted by the Nakai, and given a pathogen that altered her in many complex ways. The process was since reversed, but the knowledge she gained, remained. Chloe now serves as one of Destiny’s most brilliant mathematicians.
Doctor Rachel InmanDoctor Rachel Inman
Destiny’s Chief Chemist.
Doctor Lisa ParkDoctor Lisa Park
Research scientist aboard the Destiny, recently blinded during a desperate emergency refuelling maneuver within a blue supergiant.
Airman Maurice DunningAirman Maurice Dunning
Soldier aboard the Destiny.
Doctor Elliot BooneDoctor Elliot Boone
Computer Technician aboard the Destiny.
Former Lucian Alliance member. Mathematician. Consciousness currently confined to quarantine within Destiny’s databanks.
Doctor Amanda PerryDoctor Amanda Perry
Hyperspace Physicist. Consciousness currently confined to quarantine within Destiny’s databanks.

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