Twilight’s Endgame

One year ago, half of all life in Equestria mysteriously vanished. With no explanation, or reason.

Now, after a year of searching, Twilight Sparkle has finally learned the source of this decimation: The other side of the galaxy. So, with the help of her last remaining best friends, and Equestria’s first experimental starship, she’s on a mission to answer only a single question: Why?

Prologue – Nothing But Dust and Blood
Chapter One – You Gotta Move On
Chapter Two – Some Do…
Chapter Three – … But Not Us.
Chapter Four – Everyone Who’s Not In This Room
Chapter Five – You Better Not Throw Up On My Ship
Chapter Six – What Do You Say We Steal Some Shit?

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Twilight’s Endgame is a Marvel Cinematic Universe – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover FanFiction.

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