My Little Destiny

My Little Destiny

After 27 years in stasis, the crew of the Destiny have awoken in a new galaxy.

In the magical land of Equestria, the Warriors of Harmony have fragmented.

These two groups will come together in the names of exploration, friendship, and love, to stop the greatest threat ponykind has ever encountered.

Two races… One Destiny.

Prologue – The New Dawn
Episode One: Galaxy Rise
Chapter One – The Wars Begin
Chapter Two – Internal Conflicts
Chapter Three – Friendship is Hard
Chapter Four – Love and Discord
Chapter Five – The Game Never Ends
Chapter Six – Fall of the Legend
Chapter Seven – I Never Had to Clop on Wood
Chapter Eight – Critical Mass
Chapter Nine – Take Back the Friendship
Chapter Ten – Blue Magic
Chapter Eleven – Family Lies
Chapter Twelve – Breaking Barriers
Chapter Thirteen – Explorers in the Old Fashioned Sense
Episode Two: The Forge of Friendship
Chapter Fourteen – Panacea
Chapter Fifteen – The First Ditch
Chapter Sixteen – Morning Glory
Chapter Seventeen – We’re Only Pony After All
Chapter Eighteen – Little Pink Houses
Chapter Nineteen – Full Disclosure
Chapter Twenty – The Builders of Roads
Episode Three: System Error
Episode Four: Lunar Prophecy
Episode Five: Equestria Rising
Episode Six: Without a Fight
Episode Seven: The Last Sundown
Episode Eight: One Destiny
Episode Nine: Harmony Reborn
Episode Ten: Contact

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My Little Destiny is a Stargate: Universe – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover FanFiction.

Image compiled from the following sources: Background, Kino, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and the Eurostile Extended (Stargate Universe) font.

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