Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Spike is one lucky dragon, but his luck is about to run out, as he finds himself in the middle of a metaphorical war, when two ponies vie for his affection.

The choice Spike makes could lead to a life of heaven, or regret.

One decision, a lifetime of consequences… no pressure.

Act One: Attraction
Chapter One – Night
Chapter Two – Magic
Chapter Three – Bloom
Chapter Four – Questions
Chapter Five – Day
Act Two: Deception
Chapter Six – Chaos
Chapter Seven – Cupcakes
Chapter Eight – Crucible
Chapter Nine – Solution
Chapter Ten – Infinitum
Act Three: Resolution
Chapter Eleven – Scootaloo
Chapter Twelve – Confrontation
Chapter Thirteen – Past
Chapter Fourteen – Water
Chapter Fifteen – Fire
Chapter Sixteen – Memories
Chapter Seventeen – Trust

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Sibling Rivalry is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic FanFiction.

Image compiled from the following sources: Background, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Mystery Quest from Google Web Fonts.

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