With Rainbow Hair

With Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Dash has a gift. A gift that goes back generations. But now, when her best friend’s heart is ripped out, the only way Rainbow can help her, is to end over a thousand years of secrecy, and reveal everything to her closest friends. They will learn that Rainbow Dash can communicate with the dead.

But can they be trusted?

Chapter One – The Fight
Chapter Two – The Loss
Chapter Three – The Secret
Chapter Four – The Exodus
Chapter Five – The Call
Chapter Six – The History
Chapter Seven – The Reveal
Chapter Eight – The Pain
Chapter Nine – The Guilt
Chapter Ten – The Friend
Chapter Eleven – The Farewell

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With Rainbow Hair is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic FanFiction that pays tribute to Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth.

Image compiled from the following sources: Scootaloo, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Sans font.

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