Sibling Rivalry: Chapter Twelve – Confrontation

10 04 2013

Sweetie Belle confronts her sister, as Spike and Scootaloo try to repair the damage they wrought.

A burst of light snapped to life in the middle of Carousel Boutique, briefly masking the appearance of a young rage-filled unicorn.

“RARITY!” she screamed. The room was empty, the building was silent. She wasn’t here.

Sweetie Belle rushed out the front door, to find her target.

“Are you kidding me!?” Scootaloo screamed, as they proceeded into town at top speed.

“Alright!” Spike hollered back. “I’m an idiot, can we move on!?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Keep your eyes open!” Apple Bloom stated between heavy breaths. “We have to find them.”

“Which one?” the pegasus asked.

“Either… Both… I don’t care! Just find ’em!”

“Twilight, I must say this wood is so drab,” Rarity said, examining the bookshelf before her.

“Uh huh,” the unicorn responded, her nose in a book.

“Perhaps a nice wood stain… Maple.”

“Uh huh.”

“And the windows… Twilight, these curtains feel so bland. Perhaps a brilliant red.”

“Uh huh.”

“Are you even listening!?”

She snapped the book closed, and looked at her fashionista friend. “Yeah, I heard, stain the curtains red.”

Rarity lowered her eyelids, “Hmmm… well, that is close.”

Suddenly, the front door of the Ponyville library slammed open, grabbing the unicorn’s attention. Standing in the door frame, stood a familiar young filly. Her little sister, Sweetie Belle. But something was different about her, and Rarity couldn’t quite place it.

“YOU HARLOT!” the filly screamed, pointing an accusatory hoof at her elder sibling.

Rarity determined it was anger. “Sweetie Belle,” she exclaimed. “Such words are unbecoming of a lady.”

“Don’t change the subject! I know everything!”

“Oh, dear,” Twilight said, briefly distracting the designer.

The young magician started marching toward her sister. “You’re trying to steal my boyfriend!” she screamed.

Rarity was suddenly very confused. “I’m sorry?”

“I said, ‘you’re trying to steal my boyfriend!’ He’s closer to my age, you floozy!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Who!?”

“SPIKE!” she screamed, inches from her adversary.

Rarity confusion was climbing. Spike? Boyfriend? Sweetie Belle? Was she saying…?

“Sweetie Belle, I think you’re confused.”

“NO! I know exactly what’s going on! We’ve been dating for the past month! And you’re not going to take him from me!”

“Twilight could you-”

As the elder sister turned to her best friend, she could see torrents of sweat flow down the librarian’s forehead.


“You knew!” Sweetie Belle screamed. “You knew all along!”

Her eyes darted back and forth, as she clopped her forehooves together in an attempt to help her think. “For the record,” Twilight explained. “I didn’t say anything.”

Rarity’s irises shrank to pinpricks. “I… I…” She blinked several times, returning to normal. “I’m sorry, Twilight, are you saying that Sweetie Belle is correct in her assumption?”

Twilight shivered just a bit, afraid to respond. Eventually she managed to release a slow nod.

“Oh,” she responded. “I see. Just, one question: WHAT!?

The librarian could clearly see the anger in the fashionista’s eyes. She tried to explain as quickly as she could. “Rarity, listen: The only reason I didn’t tell you was because this is something Spike needed to figure out on his own. I couldn’t interfere. I know you’re hurt. I’d be too. But there is a rational explanation, and I’m sure you’ll understand, so if we all calm down…”

Rarity righted herself, and released a deep sigh. “You’re right, Twilight,” she said, projecting a calm demeanor that betrayed her internal storm of emotions. The unicorn turned to her younger sister and continued, “Sweetie Belle, we should-”

The designer didn’t even notice what happened, until she impacted the bookshelf, and found herself buried in a pile of literature.

“Sweetie Belle!” Twilight screamed, aghast at the filly’s outburst.

Rarity popped her head out of the pile, and saw her opponent. The filly’s face contorted in anger. Her horn was smoking from the magic released.

Her eyes narrowed. It was on.

Spike descended the stairs within Carousel Boutique, shouting, “She’s not here!”

“Well then, where is she?” Scootaloo asked.

“I thought it’d be easy to find Rarity,” Apple Bloom stated. “Where else could she be?”

Spike’s feet started to wander about the store, on their own accord. His mind abuzz with panic and fear. He knew this was the end. Of what, he was unsure. But today something would end. His love, his friendship, his life. Something of his would be over. His only hope, was to beg the two mares he loved for forgiveness. But he had to find at least one of them first.

“Maybe this isn’t so bad,” Scootaloo explained. “I mean, Rarity and Sweetie Belle are pretty level-headed, I’m sure they’ll be better off without you around. They can just talk it out.”

Twilight suddenly found herself flying across the room. Her sudden impact upon one of the many bookshelves disoriented her for a minute, as flashes of light from a magical battle illuminated the room.

She ran across to intercept the battle once again. This time, her impact on the neighbouring bookshelf came as less of a surprise.

The librarian got to her hooves and said, “Okay, new tactic.”

“I’m sure they’re fine,” the pegasus said with a wave of her hoof.

“How can you know that!?” Apple Bloom asked.

Before Scootaloo could answer, she was interrupted by the snap of Spike’s claws. “I got it!” he screamed. “Rarity was supposed to meet Twilight today. Right now, actually. Can’t believe I forgot.”


“The library.”

“Let’s go!” Apple Bloom quickly bolted out the door without another word. Her entourage followed closely.

Scootaloo quickly threw the dragon onto her back. “So,” she said, while running at top speed. “A month.”

“What!?” He asked, as the wind flew across his face.

“You haven’t decided after a month?”

As he held on to the young pegasus, Spike merely bowed his head. “I don’t know who to choose.”

“How can you not know?”

He didn’t say a word. For he didn’t have an answer.

Suddenly, Scootaloo skidded to a stop, surprising the young dragon. He flew over the pegasus’ head, and fell to the ground, still hanging on her neck.

Spike didn’t need to ask why they stopped. Flashes of light emanated from the library.

“Uh oh,” Apple Bloom said.

A shatter of glass broke their reverie, as a purple blur flew out and skidded to a stop in front of them.

Twilight was on her back as her eyes snapped open.

The trio looked at the librarian.

“Where have you been!?” she asked.

“What happened?” Spike asked, releasing Scootaloo’s neck as the young mare adjusted her dress.

Twilight got to her hooves. “Well, Sweetie Belle stopped by, started yelling at Rarity, and then shot her!” She explained. “Oh, by the way.” Her face was inches from the dragon’s. “They both know.”

“Yeah…” he started scratching the back of his head.

“They’re actually fighting!?” Scootaloo asked, shocked at the revelation.

“How do we stop them!?” Apple Bloom screamed.

“I don’t know,” Twilight explained. “I tried everything I could think of, and nothing worked.

“Well, we have to do something!” Pinkie stated.

The three ponies jumped back in shock.

“Pinkie!?” the librarian screamed. “What are you doing here!?”

“My right eye started inching, so I thought I’d come to the library to investigate,” the party-planner explained with a mile-wide grin. “So, what’s the plan!?”

Spike released a sigh, realizing there was only one choice. “The plan is… I’m going in.”

He marched toward the door. He knew what he had to do, but was honestly afraid. He couldn’t let them fight like this. but what could he possibly do to stop them? What if they turned on him? Fear fought duty, and duty won. He turned the knob, and the door swung open.

“STOP!” he screamed, holding a claw up.

A table flew straight toward Sweetie Belle, a pink energy field stopped and wrapped around it, sending it flying in the other direction. Rarity jumped out of the way. It shattered into a dozen pieces.

“STOP!!” Spike yelled again.

Neither unicorn listened. The younger one had to jump away from the bolt of lighting that was targeted toward her.

His presence changed nothing. As bursts of magic flew across the room, Spike’s mind cranked. What could get them to notice the young dragon? Then he remembered…

The young unicorn leaned, with her back against the tree. Next to her, her boyfriend sat, his eyes focused on her.

This is what Sweetie Belle loved about Spike. Even with Apple Bloom sitting next to her, sipping on a bottle of apple juice, she still felt like the only filly in the world.

“Hey, thanks for your help, you two,” the earth pony said. “I thought it’d take me all day.”

A dozen or so baskets were filled and loaded onto the cart that still had to make it to the barn on the other side of the farm. But at that moment, the two ponies, and one dragon, were resting from all their hard work.

“Yeah…” Sweetie Belle said, lost in the dragon’s eyes.

He scooted just a little closer to her, and the unicorn responded by resting her head on his shoulder.

Spike wrapped an arm around the filly, and she relaxed in his embrace.

The two rested in silence for several seconds. When suddenly, Spike heard a sound. A soft humming started to emanate from his girlfriend.

As he looked down, she stopped, and looked up.

“What?” Sweetie Belle asked with a smile that could charm a manticore.

“Were you singing?” the dragon replied.

Her face turned a rosy pink. “Maybe.”

“Well, don’t stop.”

The young unicorn released a giggle before sitting up a bit straighter. Her humming was soft and melodic. Spike couldn’t find a way to describe it in words, but he could feel something in it. Some emotion, some purpose.

There were no words, and there was no need for any. She merely sang what felt right.

Apple Bloom craned her neck to look at the two lovers. No one noticed the sadness in her eyes, as she went back to her beverage.

Rarity and her dancing partner spun around and around to the music on the Victrola. It was quiet and somber, and perfect for what the unicorn had in mind.

Everything was going well for the two of them, until Spike made a single misstep.

“WAHH!” the unicorn screamed as she fell on top of the dragon.

“Ow,” he responded.

She pushed herself off the floor, and looked down on her boyfriend.

Spike released a nervous chuckle. He knew he wasn’t the best dancer, but he made an attempt for Rarity. An attempt that made him look like a fool.

The fashion designer responded with a giggle. She helped her partner get to his feet.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Spike, no need to be sorry. It happens to the best of us.”

Her magic stretched across the room and lifted the Victrola’s arm, silencing it.

“But I am not giving up,” she declared. “It may just be the music. I’m sure we can find something.”

“Rarity, I’m just not a dancer,” the dragon declared.

“Well, I’m sure you can be, if you try.”

“Well…” he said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Do it for me,” she said, putting a hoof under his chin.

“Alright.” Spike took her hoof in his claw. “For you…”

They stood still for several seconds before Rarity said, “Perhaps we need music.”

“Wait.” He held on tight, stopping her from leaving. “I think I know something.”

They moved into position. And with one hoof wrapped around his neck, and a claw on her side, they started to turn.

Their positioning was a bit awkward, since Rarity was slightly taller than the young dragon, and even more so when she was on her hindlegs. But thankfully, in the darkness of the boutique, no one was there to laugh at their appearance.

A soft sound came from Spike’s mouth, the tune to which they danced.

As they moved around to the magical melody, Rarity couldn’t help but think of where it might have come from. But it did not matter. The two of them danced, together, leaving all concerns of the day behind them.

Spike closed his eyes, put his lips together, and the sound that emanated echoed across the room.

Sweetie Belle skidded to a stop. A wooden statue froze in her magical grasp.

Rarity’s horn died down, and she looked past her younger sister.

The statue dropped to the floor, and the young filly’s eyes traced her sister’s gaze as she slowly turned around.

Spike continued to hum the song he learned. He was almost afraid to find out if it worked. But a few seconds later, he noticed the melody was the only sound in the room. He silenced himself, and opened his eyes.

The two siblings were staring at him. He knew he had to say something, but had no idea what.

His lips quivered, and his throat locked up.

But nothing came out before the eyes of Sweetie Belle started to water.

She burst into tears and bolted past the dragon.

“Sweetie Belle!” he screamed, spinning around.

She didn’t stop, and ran straight past the small crowd that had gathered.

“Stay here!” Twilight screamed. “I’ll get her!” She galloped off.

The three remaining ponies trotted up to Spike.

“What was that song?” Scootaloo asked.

He didn’t answer, because he could feel a cold presence behind him, as he leaned against the doorknob.

He slowly craned his neck around, and looked at the elder unicorn.

“Spike,” she said, stoically.

“Rarity,” he replied. “I know you’re mad, but-”

“I’m not angry.”

The dragon was taken aback. “Y-you’re not?”

“No.” She closed her eyes, and bowed her head. “Because I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.”

A drop of relief hit Spike. She was willing to hear him out. But he knew that he messed up, and could only hope she would forgive him.

Scootaloo watched them, and was the only one to notice that the unicorn was lying.




2 responses

10 04 2013
Michael Puffer

This is REALLY bad. I suspect that Rarity is gonna blow a fuse by the next chapter. Not only was Spike having an affair, but he also caused her own little sister to have an emotional meltdown.

10 04 2013

Wow, when you put it like that it sounds a lot worse. I don’t know if I’d use the term ‘affair.’ Though it does seem apt doesn’t it? No sex was involved, that’s for sure.

But yes, plenty of fuses will be blown.

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