Ideas in Development

In Flaming Hearts:
The moment Twilight learned of her brother’s fate, she knew she had to do something. So, accompanied by her best friends, Rainbow Dash and Spike, she will journey into the depths of the dragon lands to save him. Because even in death, one must never give up on family.
The Odd Mare OutThe Odd Mare Out:
Rarity has five very close friends who will always be with her. Or at least, that’s what she thought. But what starts simple friendly invite, will change her perspective… permanently.
The Tales of FaustThe Tales of Faust:
Three rules all ponies must adhere to: Trust in the mark, never obstruct another pony, and never take the Faustian deal.
Coming very soon.
Dreaming Discord:
Rainbow Dash, former bearer of the Element of Loyalty, is the world’s most accomplished extractor. But when the Elements call her back to face an old enemy, it becomes one crisis after another, and she’s going to need more than Loyalty to save everypony. She’s going to need to teach her closest friends everything she knows about dreaming.
Starring: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Solace Knight (OC)
Coming One Day!
Love is in Bloom:
Scootaloo decides to try for a makeover cutie mark after all other ideas run dry. But when her ideas to enhance Apple Bloom’s beauty work a bit too well, the only one that can save the young filly is unfortunately, under the spell himself.
Starring: Apple Bloom, Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash, Diamond Tiara
Coming very soon!
Spike and the Crusaders have all grown up, and all four of them have just made the biggest mistake of their lives.
Starring: Spike, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo
Coming Eventually!
Twilight Republic:
Ten years in the future, a revolution has begun. Everything in Equestria is about to change once again, and this time, it’s in the public’s hooves.
Starring: Twilight Sparkle, Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie
Coming Later…
No Ordinary Ponies:
It was supposed to be such a simple mission, who knew it could go so wrong, and who knew it could change them so much.
A minor accident has suddenly granted the Elements of Harmony with new superpowers:

Applejack can heal from any injury.
Fluttershy can fell a tree with a single buck.
Rainbow Dash hears the thoughts of everypony around her.
Rarity can disguise herself as any creature she desires.
Twilight Sparkle can walk through walls.
Pinkie Pie’s intelligence has increased 1000 fold.

And it’s not long before they learn they’re not the only ones… And not all of the others are as nice as them.
Might never actually come!

Without a Rainbow:
Ponyville is about to host the 1000th annual Summer Sun Celebration. Chief Weather Engineer, Fluttershy, is in charge of keeping the sky clear during the festival. Local pastry chef, Twilight Sparkle, has given her assurances that the event will be well-catered with a variety of apple dishes, with apples provided by Rarity and Big Macintosh, of Sweet Apple Acres. Meanwhile, sisters Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, with the help of local librarian, Rainbow Dash, may have just discovered an ancient prophecy that threatens all of Equestria.
Ten years ago, a single butterfly flapped its wings. Today, a tornado is brewing.
The Link:
A teleportation mishap sends Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Spike to the AWM building in Lower Manhattan, giving Will McAvoy and Newsnight exclusive access to the land of Equestria.
Kirby’s Equestria:
In the aftermath of another epic battle with his ultimate rival Kirby accidentally creates a rip in space, pulling both him, and Meta Knight into the land of talking ponies.
Magical Meta-Cure:
A spell goes awry as Twilight and the gang find themselves in another world. The same, but different. Familiar, yet not. Their lives have been traded, their destinies have changed. And they don’t know how to get back.
One False Step:
The USS Voyager has been trapped in the Delta Quadrant for five years, far away from the support and assistance they would receive in Federation space. As such, the smallest problems become major issues, and major issues become cataclysmic crises, and cataclysmic crises become… something worse.
A loss of Warp Drive, a civilisation of pre-warp quadrupeds, and an M-class planet that’s falling apart.
Can Captain Janeway save the land of Equestria?
FlashForward: Equestria:
On the day of the 1003rd Annual Summer Sun Celebration, the planet blacked out for two minutes 48 seconds. Questions remain: Why did it happen? Will it happen again? And can they change their own futures, for better or worse?
Once In Our Lifetimes:
It was just a normal My Little Pony fan convention, until the impossible happens. A terrorist attack holds 80 people hostage, all hope is lost, until a magical portal forms, transporting everyone to the magical land of Equestria. Some are excited, but others are concerned, because this is not the Equestria they thought they knew, and they have no idea how to get home. But the worst part comes down to six humans, informed that they’ve been tasked, by messengers from the future, to prevent a war between these two worlds, a war that is likely to destroy everything, and everyone. No pressure.
The Elements of Harmony return from another adventure, to learn that Ponyville has a new sheriff, just as Applejack was considering the job herself. But her annoyance at the new arrival quickly takes a back seat, as she is tasked with solving Ponyville’s first murder in decades, as a young filly’s body is found at the edge of a lake near the tiny suburb of Broadstable, and everypony in town is a suspect.
It’s now the jobs of Sheriff Steelheart, and Deputy Sheriff Applejack to solve Sweetie Belle’s murder, without allowing the town to tear itself apart.
There’s a new day camper at the Littlest Pet Shop, and Sunil is not happy about it. It’s up to the other pets, and Blythe, to teach the mongoose all about tolerance, and prove to him that not all snakes are bad.
My Little Pony: SundownMy Little Pony: Sundown:
The land of Equestria is in great peril, and the nation’s only hope rests in the hooves of two young fillies, who have no idea what they’re doing.
The Littlest Spy:
After she nearly gets assassinated by a mysterious group she’s never met before, Blythe Baxter is suddenly introduced to the ACU, the Animal Communication Unit, a specialized government agency dealing with intel gained through those using ‘the talent’ to communicate with animals. Now, quickly learning of the threat to both herself, and Downtown City, she must join one of their lowest ranked computer analysts to stop an attack that threatens everyone. And she only has 24 hours to do it.
The Princess of Last Resort:
When an unknown magical weapon is set off in the middle of Canterlot during the Summer Sun Celebration, every member of Equestria’s elite, Equestria’s royalty, and Equestria’s government is killed; with the exception of Dutchess Apple Bloom of Ponyville, Assistant Minister of the Interior, the Princess of Last Resort.
Now, Princess Apple Bloom is the ruler of Equestria, a job she never considered or prepared for. She must take over the leadership of an entire country, and deal with ponies attempting to overthrow her position, divide the nation, and throw it into chaos; while finding out who exactly was responsible for murdering her family, her friends, and her government.
Power Rangers: Mythic Knights:
David Arthur Blaze only recently moved to nation of Japan. Spending the past year teaching English at a small comprehensive school, making friends, and even finding love. But in all the scenarios he envisioned, he never expected to suddenly find himself responsible for the defence of not only the town, or the nation, but the entire planet. All because he found a single gemstone, and activated its power to save his friend.
Now, he’s bonded to the power of the phoenix, for life. With no way to escape, and no way to relinquish the responsibility.
Later assisted by his girlfriend, wielding the power of the Valkyrie; his baby sister, wielding the power of the Tanooki; one of his more delinquent students, wielding the power of the Dragon; and his boss, wielding the power of the Unicorn; they must protect their powers from an invading alien force determined to use them so they can stage an all-out invasion of Earth.
Stargate: Hydra:
When one young SGC scientist, stationed at Atlantis, finally unlocks a major encrypted section of the Atlantis database, he makes a discovery about Ancient history that cannot be ignored: The Milky Way was not the first galaxy colonized by the Ancients.
But staging an expedition to investigate this will not be easy. Earth sees it not as a priority.
Thankfully, the rest of the both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies do. And with the assistance of a faction of somewhat peaceful Wraith; the Pegasus Coalition of Planets; the Tok’ra; the Free Jaffa Nation; and finally, revealing themselves after hiding for thousands of years, a small group of Goa’uld, led by the absolute last of the former System Lords, Aphrodite; they put together their resources, build a ship, and head off in search of the Hydra Galaxy.
But their expedition takes a turn, when they find the reason the Ancients abandoned this galaxy. An enemy more dangerous than anything they ever faced before. With their ship incapacitated; and only Hades: a small, ill-equipped, hidden, underground, Ancient military base as their new home, the expedition finds themselves cut off from home, having to hold off an enemy from their nightmares.

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